Passenger transportation services

– Conference transportation services
– Touristic travel transportations
– Birthday, wedding, bachelor party transportations
– Airport transfer services for groups and families

Email for bookings and requests: BUS@ROCKETBUS.LT

Individual transportation services for private customers as well as companies and businesses.

We provide airport transfer services to individuals as well as business companies. Companies usually rely on us for their employees, guests, business partners or friends to be picked up from one of the airports or safely delivered to one of the airports. Door to door service with individual departure times. For bookings, please call or email us.

RocketBus is following a simple model – business to business. A constant search for opportunities is an integral part of our business.
Several or more business partners are more powerful and are able to create a better product, that can a benefit a customer and make a customer happy.
All companies would be better off if they stopped trying to be amazing and just focused on being useful – Jay Baer